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Relationships @School

Building, Supporting, Inspiring

Relationships @ School Workshops and Consulting aims to support schools to make relationships the foundation of the school experience for everyone who steps through the school gate.

Attention to relationships in schools and classrooms is vital for learning.

The development of Social and Emotional learning and relationship centred classroom management practices are the foundation of a safe and supportive school environment. 

I offer services that assist school communities to understand and address the relationship needs of students, parents, teachers and leaders and to support all members of the school community to build skills necessary for a strong relationship culture.

What is Restorative Practice?

Restorative Practices are skills, processes and systems that ensure relationships are built maintained and repaired across a school community.

Restorative Practices focus on true accountability by supporting students to be part of the problem solving when things go wrong.

Restorative Practices focus on accountability and repair. Accountability includes repairing the harm done to relationships and people as a result of wrong doing. This approach builds the emotional development of students who grow to understand the impact their behaviour has on others and fosters a desire and the skills to ‘fix things up’.

Traditional behaviour management has focussed on punishment and rewards.  

The traditional approach may provide a “…….quick fix, although there is ample research to demonstrate it rarely leads to the required behaviour change.” (Thorsborne and Blood 2013)

What are Restorative Skills?

Restorative skills are proactive and responsive interpersonal skills that build maintain and repair relationships. 

Restorative dialogue is a skill that parents, teachers leaders and students can learn to explore problem solving.  Teachers and parents use restorative dialogue to assist students to become competent problem solvers and to help them to build their capacity to be accountable for their behaviour.  Leaders and Student Support staff use restorative dialogue and conferencing to re-connect students after disciplinary absences.

Circle work is a pedagogy that teachers can use to teach Social and Emotional skills in a proactive manner or to respond to issues in problem solving circles.  Circle work builds community in schools and classrooms and fosters peacemaking.  Circles can be used to build relationships, encourage participation and inclusion and to teach curriculum.  Circles are fun and provide enjoyment and engagement. 

Our Services

  • Restorative Skills Workshop
  • Circle Skills Workshop
  • Parenting with Heart
  • Consulting

Training and support to build relationship and wellbeing across your school community

Sue Attrill

Sue Attrill

Sue Attrill
BTeach, Grad Dip Lit, Dip Gestalt Therapy

0439 943 261

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I am committed to supporting the future world our children will inherit by assisting schools and parents to have the skills to provide supportive relationships and the skills to teach children how to conduct relationships.

My passion for working in schools began when my own children were young and continues to build and grow as I now watch my grandchildren begin school life.

My knowledge and skills come from over 30 years immersion in education and from participating in school life in a range of roles as a Teacher, Leader, Consultant and Advisor.

I also bring my experiences from Gestalt Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Constellation training to inform the support I can offer.

I am passionate about working with school communities to assist the children in our care to build a happy life. I believe that to assist children to engage with school life we need to provide a strong Social and Emotionally safe environment and the skills for everyone to enjoy rich relationships.

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