What is Parenting with Heart all about?

Parenting with Heart offers parents, caregivers and Early Years Educators learning and support to assist young children to develop Social and Emotional skills for life.  Parents and Caregivers are primary educators and as ‘first teachers’ your capacity to model Social and Emotional Competencies and to use positive discipline strategies will have an enormous impact on your childs development and social/emotional growth.

You will need to download the Parenting with Heart E-Book, the Restorative Chat Booklet and the Sentence Starters booklet. All are available in the E Book tab which will be at the top of your screen when you access your membership

The Parenting with Heart E-Book is a Journal style support for your learning process. In the journal there are reflection pages and key diagrams and visuals from the modules so you can write notes and doodle. You can download the e-book and work with it online or print it out and work with it as a hard copy.

The Restorative Chat Booklet is a visual support to use to assist your child/ren to work together with the Restorative Chat process. Download and print the booklet and use the blank spaces on each page to draw or write your child’s responses. Or suggest that your child uses the blank spaces to draw or write. A visual prompt and support helps children to express themselves more easily and assists them to engage in the Restorative Chat process.

The Sentence Starters Booklet is designed to help you to formulate the Restorative Language when you are starting off. The sentence starters are just ideas and suggestions, you will no doubt find the words that work for you as you become more familiar with the structure.