Parenting with Heart

Parenting with Heart

Teach your child Social and Emotional Skills for Life.

Guide your child to develop Social and Emotional skills for Life.

Parenting with Heart assists parents and caregivers to learn the Social and Emotional competencies that help children develop pro-social behaviours and healthy emotional development.

Assist your child to learn to build friendly relationships, to be able to repair relationships when things go wrong .  

Assist your child to develop a moral compass – to be able to make good decisions that keep relationships at the heart of things.

Parents and caregivers learn this through investigating beliefs about child rearing.  Are you carrying old beliefs that no long serve you?

The workshop investigates what Parents as First Teachers means in terms of modelling the social and emotional skills we want out children to develop.

Each workshop includes structured skill development through role play, discussion, demonstration and practice.   The workshops are designed to promote connection and sharing through discussion and investigation of beliefs and values.

Participants are provided with a workbook and support resources to use Restorative Dialogue.  The content is based on research by Barbara Coloroso and Robin Grillle,  Restorative Practices and CASEL.

The training can be organised as two or 4 separate sessions or one whole day.

Session 1 Session1 - 2 1/2 hours duration
Part 1.

Beliefs, Principles and Values


  • Beliefs about child rearing and discipline
  • Historical perspectives – do old beliefs about discipline influence your parenting?  Do the old beliefs work?– (Robin Grille)
  • Discover your own beliefs about discipline and consider how they impact on what your child learns about responsibility and relationships.
  • How do we assist children to become truly accountable and responsible?
  • How do we assist children to become relational problem solvers?
Part 2.

Social and Emotional Competencies

Social and Emotional Competencies are essential for a happy life.

  • What are the 5 Social and Emotional Competencies?  (CASEL)
  • How are they taught? – The importance of Parents as First Teachers.  Introduction to Modelling and Explicit Teaching
  • What are your own Social and Emotional Competencies and how do they influence your child’s development?
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making
Session 2 Session 2 – 2 1/2hours duration 
Part 3.

Essential Parent skills to develop SEL competencies

Essential Parent skills to teach Responsible Decision Making

  • Other ways of saying No – (Barbara Coloroso)
  • Effective Listening
  • Voices – understand how ‘power’ in relationship is affected by the language we use to resolve problems. – (Eric Berne)
  • Connect before Correct – keep the small things small (Jude Moxon)

Participants learn through demonstration, scripting and practice.

Part 4

Restorative Dialogue

Responsible Decision Making – Restorative Practices

Teach your child to develop a moral compass, to truly be accountable and responsible through using and modelling Restorative Dialogue

  • Restorative Chat - a structured process of conflict resolution where the parent and child are active agents in the repair of wrongdoing.   This strategy assists children to build an understanding about how their behaviour affects others and how to take responsibility for ‘fixing things up’.

Participants learn through demonstration scripting, practice and discussion.


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